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Craft #00


伝説のけん玉 Legendary Kendama

イワタ木工がけん玉の製造をはじめたのは、2004年のことです。当時流通していたけん玉の製品レベルはかなり悪く、サイズは1mm 以上の誤差があるためバランスも不安定で、競技性はもちろん遊びの中でも使いづらい製品ばかりでした。そのなかで、イワタ木工はプレイヤーの使い勝手を追求し、±0.2mm の精度と表面研磨の細かさ、鏡面塗装の美しさを重視した新しいコンセプトのけん玉「夢元(むげん)」を製作しました。



Iwata Mokkou started the manufacturing of Kendama in 2004. At that time, the product level of the Kendama was inconsistent and needed much improvement. The size of each product had more than 1mm error and its balance was unstable. So much so that it was hard to use those Kendamas for competitions and even for just casual play.

Iwata Mokkou decided to pursue usability for players, and began manufacturing “Mugen” with a new concept that focused on the precision of ±0.2mm, the fineness of surface polishing, and the beauty of mirror finish painting.

As a result, they received favorable comments from players such as, “With Mugen, I could achieve the tricks that I hadn’t ever been able to do”, or, “My success rate dramatically improved”. Every single top winner of the competitions was using Mugen at that time, and Mugen acquired support from a lot of players.

However, the manufacturing of Mugen ended in 2009. Then Mugen became a premium Kendama and it began trading at a price 50 times higher than its original price in overseas auctions. It came to be called a “legendary Kendama”.

伝説のけん玉と呼ばれた「夢元」 Legendary Kendama “Mugen”

海外のKENDAMAの流行と再始動 Kendama use overseas and the restart of manufacturing

「夢元」の製造を中止した後、海外のエクストリームスポーツのプレイヤーたちを中心にけん玉が流行。多くのプレイヤーがYouTubeやFacebookに画像や動画を投稿し、日本だけで発展していたけん玉が世界で「KENDAMA」として広く知られるようになりました。また、KENDAMA の技も多種多様になり、空中技や超絶技などが編み出され、多くの人を魅了する新しいスポーツとして認知され始めました。

その中で、技の向上のための道具として「精度の高い製品」「美しい製品」を求めるプレイヤーが増え、多くの海外・国内のプレイヤーが「伝説のけん玉 夢元」の復活を望みました。Facebookにはコミュニティーが作られ、イワタ木工には復活を望むメールや動画などが頻繁に届くようになりました。

After the manufacturing of Mugen ended, Kendama became popular among extreme sports players overseas. A lot of players posted their photos and clips on YouTube and Facebook, and that made Kendama known worldwide. As a result, the tricks of Kendama became diversified and new tricks like aerial tricks and sophisticated tricks were accomplished. Then, Kendama was reborn as a new sport that attracted lots of people.

Due to that, players started to look for beautiful Kendama with high accuracy to improve their tricks, and lots of domestic and overseas players desired the reproduction of the legendary Kendama “Mugen”. They established a new Facebook community and Iwata Mokkou started to receive emails and movies to request reproductions of Mugen.

海外のコレクターのけん玉 Collections of Overseas Player

そして、多くの声に押される形で2012年にけん玉の製造を再スタート。しかし、単純に以前のけん玉を再度製作するのではなく、先端取替技術などを取り入れた競技性に特化したけん玉や、けん玉の今までにない可能性を提案するといった新しいコンセプトのブランド「夢元無双/ MUGEN MUSOU」として、製作を再開しました。

All these voices brought Iwata Mokkou back into Kendama industry and they restarted manufacturing in 2012. However, they did not just remake their previous Kendama. They established a new brand called “MUGEN MUSOU” with new techniques like replaceable tips and improved the functionality for play and proposed new possibilities that had never been conducted before.

遊べるオブジェ Playable objet d’art

2017年にはさらなる高みを目指し、世界最高峰のインテリア&デザイン関連見本市メゾン・エ・オブジェ パリに出展。「遊べるオブジェ(playable objet d’art)」をコンセプトにしたけん玉「MUGEN MUSOU objet d’art」をリリース。従来のけん玉のイメージにとらわれることなく、新しい世界を突き進んでいます。

In 2017, Mugen musou aimed higher and decided to join the world's top interior and design related trade exhibition called “MAISON & OBJET PARIS”. At the exhibition, Mugen musou released “Mugen musou objet d’art” with the new concept of “playable objet d’art”. Mugen musou is forging its own, new way in spite of the traditional image of Kendama.

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