8,000yen +tax
W71 D61 H180 mm
けんの高さ / 16.3cm
玉の大きさ / 6.1 cm
W71 D61 H180 mm
Height of Ken (body) / 16.3cm
Size of Tama (ball) / 6.1 cm
けん・皿胴 / ブナ
玉 / 山桜
紐 /ナイロン
Ken (body) / Beech
Tama (ball) / Sakura
String / Nylon
玉 / スーパーマットコーティング(研磨仕上)
Tama (ball) / Special Urethane Paint
初心者 – 上級者向け
Beginner to Advanced
Made in Japan

「DEEP」シリーズの第2弾はMETALLIC RED(メタリックレッド)です。DEEPはMUGEN MUSOUが新しく開発した「スーパーマットコーティング」を施したけん玉で、使い続けることでけん玉が「育つ」のをお楽しみいただけます。また、今回は皿胴と穴の形状も今までとは違う形となっています。

The second release of “DEEP” is Metallic Red. "DEEP" is coated with “Super Matte Paint” that is newly developed by Mugen musou. This is a paint that matures with the Kendama with continued use. The shape of the Sarado and the hole have also been changed.

DEEP / Metallic Red

METALLIC REDにはMUGEN MUSOUが新しく開発したけん「スピンドル」が採用されています。皿胴の形状を変えることでガンスリングをする回転技がやりやすくなっています。また、指をかける部分に特殊ウレタン塗装をしているため、連続して技を行っても木に汗が染み込みにくくなっています。

Mugen musou’s new development, “Spindle”, has been applied to this Ken. The shape of the Sarado has been changed, which makes it easier to do turning tricks. The urethane paint is painted on where you put your fingers, so that it prevents your sweat from soaking into the wood as you continue to enjoy performing tricks.


There is a 1.5 mm edge around the hole. It is calculated to be the same circumference and curve as the bottom cup, so that it makes easier to do tricks like “Bird”, “Underbird”, and “Handlestall”.

スーパーマットコーティングの一番の特徴は、塗装が変化していくことです。また、METALLIC REDは仕上げに研磨しているため、使い始めから心地よいグリップ感を感じることができ、プレースタイルや頻度が高い技の種類などにより、自分らしい滑りとグリップ感を持ったけん玉に育てることができます。なお、マット仕上げのため、光を反射せず穴の視認性も高く、回転技から静止技まで幅広い技にお使いただけます。

The main characteristic of the super matte paint is that it changes to a smooth and comfortable grip depending on the style of play and frequency of the tricks you play. So the more you play, the more you customize your own Kendama!! This time, Metallic Red is sanded to start with, so that you can enjoy a nice grip from the beginning. This matte finish does not reflect light, so it increases the visibility of the hole. You can use it for all sorts of tricks from turn tricks to balance tricks.


This time the base color is metallic red, and silver is painted around the hole. You can enjoy the very deep metallic red color that represents the characteristics of the Deep series and it is suitable for any kind of tricks. Also, the silver is painted on 30% of the Tama, so that it increases the visibility even when it is turning.


Replaceable tip (patented) 
It is difficult to avoid the tip being damaged when you play Kendama. Because of this, Mugen musou developed replaceable tips made by a resin material, and by doing so the durability of the tip became three times longer than a general Kendama. If the tip is too hard, it will damage the ball, and if it is too soft, it will bend with the ball. So Mugen Musou spent a lot of time and made an original resin by mixing ABS and PP, and made it possible to create the best hardness for the tip. 


The cups and body are dual angle edged. This helps you to increase the supporting surfaces to the ball and broadens the variety of tricks you can perform. The Ken is curve edged, and there is a hole on the bottom cup to make the Ken lighter. For the string, a string slit is applied, so that it is easy to change the string and it also increases the durability.

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