10,500yen +tax
W71 D61 H180 mm
けんの高さ / 16.3 cm
玉の大きさ / 6.1 cm
W71 D61 H180 mm
Height of Ken (body) / 16.3 cm
Size of Tama (ball) / 6.1 cm
けん・皿胴 / ハードメイプル
玉 / ハードメイプル・黒檀・サティーネ
紐 /ナイロン
Ken & Sarado (body) / Maple
Tama (ball) / Maple, Ebony, Bloodwood
String / Nylon
Replaceable tip
玉 / マイクログリップ塗装
Tama (ball) / Micro Grip Paint
中級者 – 上級者向け
Intermediate to Advanced
Made in Japan


DOTS is the newest release in July 2018. Ebony and Bloodwood are used in the Tama(ball), which increases the visibility when you play.

DOTS (Ebony × Bloowood)


Ebony is slow to grow, so it is known as a very valuable, high-grade wood. DOTS only uses the ebony that is close to the heartwood, which is the most valuable part of the tree. The bloodwood that is used in DOTS has also been taken from close to the heartwood, and you can enjoy its bright red color.


Mugen musou’s new development, “Spindle”, has been applied to this Ken. The shape of the Sarado has been changed, which makes it easier to do turning tricks. The urethane paint is painted on where you put your fingers, so that it prevents your sweat from soaking into the wood as you continue to enjoy performing tricks.

玉・大皿・小皿・中皿および中皿の縁には細かい粒子で摩擦力をあげて技を決めやすくするMUGEN MUSOUオリジナルのマイクログリップ塗装を施こしています。マイクログリップ塗装により、ピタッと止まるグリップ力で技のクオリティーを上げ、次の技へと繰り出しやすくなっています。

Micro Grip Paint
Mugen musou’s original micro grip paint is coated on the ball, big cup, small cup, bottom cup, and the edge of the bottom cup. The fine particles increase the frictional force and help you to achieve tricks. This paint gives you a nice grip to stably hold the ball and it improves the quality of tricks. Then, you can smoothly transition to the next trick.


Replaceable tip (patented) 
It is difficult to avoid the tip being damaged when you play Kendama. Because of this, Mugen musou developed replaceable tips made by a resin material, and by doing so the durability of the tip became three times longer than a general Kendama. If the tip is too hard, it will damage the ball, and if it is too soft, it will bend with the ball. So Mugen Musou spent a lot of time and made an original resin by mixing ABS and PP, and made it possible to create the best hardness for the tip. 


Made to order anchor bolt used for the replaceable tip 


The cups, body, and ball are dual angle edged. This helps you to increase the supporting surfaces to the ball and broadens the variety of tricks you can perform. For the string, a string slit is applied, so that it is easy to change the string and it also increases the durability.

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