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「FRANCK MULLER 365 Port of VANGUARD」(羽田空港国内線第2旅客ターミナル2F)での限定販売になります。
Limited edition only sold at FRANCK MULLER 365 Port of VANGUARD (Haneda Airport Terminal 2, 2F)

高級時計メーカー「フランク・ミュラー」からけん玉が発売され、MUGEN MUSOUが製造を担当しました。ウォールナット材にフランク・ミュラーの特徴でもある文字盤(ビサン文字)をデザインし、さらに3種類の表面加工を施しました。

The luxury timepieces brand “Frank Muller” released Kendama and Mugen musou manufactured them. This Kendama is designed with Franck Muller’s iconic Byzantine numerals on walnut material and has three different finishes.


Black Matte Finish
It is designed with the Byzantine numerals on the ball and you can also see the walnut grain under the numerals. This is a beautiful Kendama that lets you enjoy the contrast between black matte and its grain.


Silver Finish
It is painted with real silver nanoparticles. As a result, the silver fits itself to the wood grain (unlike silver foil) and gives a luxury impression.


Gold Finish
Like silver, it is spray painted with a coating of real gold particles. The real gold and the wood material perfectly match and become a gorgeous and beautiful Kendama.

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