MUGEN MUSOU objet d'art

GRAIN / Snakewood

1,000,000yen +tax
1,000,000yen +tax
Only 4 snakewood Kendamas have been manufactured in the world. If you would like to purchase one, please contact us below.
W71 D61 H180 mm
けん / Snakewood (スネークウッド)
玉 / Snakewood (スネークウッド)
紐 /レザーコード
Body / Snakewood
Ball / Snakewood
String / Leather Cord
Special Urethane Paint
Made in Japan

MUGEN MUSOU objet d’artは、飾って美しく遊ぶこともできるけん玉「遊べるオブジェ」を追求しています。MUGEN MUSOUは、ディテールに拘り、触れたときに感じる杢目と木肌を活かした仕上げにしています。さわり続けたくなるような肌触りと轆轤(ろくろ)で生み出される滑らかな美しい曲線により、光と影のコントラストは美しい彫刻のようであり、空間を豊かにするたたずまいを感じることができます。

Mugen musou seeks to create “playable objet d’art” that are beautiful to display and enjoyable to play with.
Mugen musou pays close attention to details and has a finish that lets you feel the wood’s grain and surface. Their products have a comfortable soft touch, and smooth and beautiful curves created by the lathe. The contrast between light and shadow is like a beautiful sculpture, and you can feel that its existence enhances the space around it.

MUGEN MUSOUのスネークウッドは、美しい斑点模様のみを使用。表面には長く愛用していただけるように特殊なコーティングを施しています。良い材料がほとんど手に入らないため、非常に少ない数での製造になります。

Snakewood is generally used for sticks and fountain pens, and it has been known as the world’s best wood from long ago. Snakewood, as the name suggests, has a patterned grain that looks like snake skin. The highest quality snakewood is said to be a dark reddish-brown color with black patches. However, it is a hard and heavy wood and is therefore difficult to process as it easily cracks or bends. It is also difficult to find pieces with even patterns, so only a few materials can be taken out of tens of tons. That is why it is said that to be a miracle when a large usable section can be found.
Mugen musou only uses beautifully patterned snakewood. It has a special finish, so that it can be maintained for a long time. Because only a few high-quality materials are available, we can only manufacture very few quantities.

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