先端取換キット Replaceable Tip set

2,500yen +tax
W53 D78 H21 mm (box)
けん先 / 特別混合樹脂
紐 /ナイロン
Tip/ Specially Mixed Resin
String / Nylon
Made in Japan

先端取替技術はMUGEN MUSOU独自の技術で、現在国際特許を申請中です。 これまでのKendamaは「けん先の寿命はKendamaの寿命」と言われており、けん先が潰れてしまえば、研磨するしか方法がありませんでした。もしくはけん先を潰さないために、プレイヤー自身がけん先を接着剤などで固めるといった方法でした。しかし、接着剤などでけん先を固めてしまった場合、硬くなりすぎてしまったけん先が玉に当たるため、玉はすぐに凸凹になってしまいます。

This replaceable tip is one of Mugen musou’s original creations and is now waiting for an international patent. It is usually said that the “lifetime of the tip is the lifetime of the Kendama”. So, if the tip became damaged, the only solution was to sand it. Alternatively, some players hardened the tip using glue to prevent its damage. But with this method, the tip tends to become too hard and it usually damages the ball itself.


So, to avoid the damage to the tip and ball, Mugen musou developed the “Replaceable tip”. With this replaceable tip, the Kendama lasts three times longer than it would with general tips. If the tip is too hard, it will damage the ball, and if it is too soft, it will bend with the ball. So Mugen musou spent a lot of time and made an original resin by mixing ABS and PP, and made it possible to create the best hardness for the tip.


This set contains six colors of tips, so you can customize your original Kendama. The colored tips can also be a guide when you play, and help you to improve the accuracy of your tricks. There will be color variations for strings as well, so that you can choose the color that you like and use the Kendama for a longer time. Enjoy your Kendama life with your favorite colors.

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